What Happened to Vincent Kearney? Net Worth and Family

What Happened to Vincent Kearney? Net Worth and Family

Vincent Kearney is a notable figure in journalism, particularly in Ireland, where his contributions have significantly shaped public discourse on key issues. This article delves into his career, personal life, and financial status.

Who is Vincent Kearney?

Vincent Kearney, born in West Belfast, Northern Ireland, is a respected Irish journalist currently serving as the Northern Ireland Editor for RTÉ News since April 2021.

His journalistic journey spans over three decades, during which he has worked with BBC Northern Ireland, The Sunday Times, and the Belfast Telegraph before his tenure at RTÉ.

What happened to Vincent Kearney?

Vincent Kearney, formerly a journalist with the BBC, now works for RTE. He raised concerns that the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) may have attempted to identify his sources during his time at the BBC.

This issue is part of ongoing legal proceedings involving allegations of unlawful police surveillance.

Who are Vincent Kearney’s Parents?

The available information does not specifically detail the identities of Vincent Kearney’s parents.

Who is Vincent Kearney Dating?

Vincent Kearney’s marital status is publicly known; he is not in the dating scene as he is married.

Is Vincent Kearney Married? Wife and Kids

Vincent Kearney is married to Louise Kearney, and their marriage has spanned over 30 years. The couple has four children and resides in Lurgan, County Armagh.

Relationship Timeline of Vincent Kearney

The specific details of Vincent Kearney’s relationship timeline with his wife Louise prior to their marriage have not been disclosed to the public.

Who are the siblings of Vincent Kearney?

Information about any siblings of Vincent Kearney is not available from the sources reviewed.

Vincent Kearney: Height, Weight, etc.

Details about Vincent Kearney’s physical attributes such as height and weight are not publicly documented.

Vincent Kearney Net Worth

While Vincent Kearney’s exact net worth is not publicly disclosed, his long-standing career in journalism, holding various prominent positions, suggests a successful financial status. Specific details about his contracts, properties, or salary have not been made public.


Vincent Kearney remains a significant voice in Irish journalism, with a career marked by depth, integrity, and impact. Despite the public nature of his professional life, he maintains a private personal life, sharing limited information about his family and financial status. His ongoing contributions continue to influence the media landscape in Ireland and beyond.



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